Personal Vampire


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I look at your sky from the bottom
With broken arrows in my back
In your world every atom
So cold and black
So cold and black

Believed in your wasted illusions
I thought that I was strong enough
My faint conclusions-
Your perfect bluff

If I'm gonna fall
You gonna fall with me
Sick tainted doll
I wish you to breathe me
You will taste my blood
To feed the hunger
Hide from the sun
My personal vampire
Night is just for us
Don't fear of my fire
Young and hopeless scud
Will take us under

Crush and burn me
Look in my eyes to learn me
Travel inside my veins
Until it rains

Let me feel you
Once again
You have to stay
To end my days
Without you

Under my skin
Deep within
Your voice
And I want it to stay




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