Sweetest Abuse


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In my head
Hear your stupid words
I'm sick and tired
And it really hurts

Plastic smile
Put on my face
One more lie
To win the race

Now it's time
To stop the game
You will shoot
But I'm not your aim
Break it up
Forget my name

I will meant to lose
All memories of you
And I don't care all this mess
Sweetest abuse
In shameless yellow dress
Good Bye
I will meant to lose
All memories of you

Don't act like you've been drowned
Don't try to tell what's going on

Just get out and shut the door
If you'll call, I will ignore
If you'll die, I'll know what for

Pick up the pieces
All the damaged days,
All the minutes passed away
Of all diseases
You my favorite one
You little devil with a gun


released August 26, 2015



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